Watershed Partners

Meeting in progress

The Chippewa River Watershed partnership has been in existence since the 1990’s. Currently local units of government within the Chippewa River Watershed are collaborating through the Chippewa River Watershed Association (CRWA) which was formed through a Joint Powers Agreement between eight Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) and eight Counties in 2020. The group has a Joint Powers Board made up of 1 elected official representing each of the Counties and SWCDs.

The Technical Advisory Committee consists of one SWCD employee and one County employee from each member entity responsible for implementing projects and engaging in opportunities to restore and improve water quality within the watershed. It shall also be responsible to provide training, orientation, and guidance to JPB members. Ex-officio members will be considered non-voting members on the Technical Advisory Committee and can include state, federal, and local agencies and commodity groups and lake associations as examples. Meetings will be held monthly or bi-monthly to complete business or as needed which will be decided by current membership of the Technical Advisory Committee. The TAC will make recommendations to the JPB for all matters pertaining to the CRWA.

The public is encouraged to contact their local SWCD or County Land and Resource Management office for opportunities and funding for projects. The County and Soil and Water Conservation Districts that are members include: Otter Tail, Douglas, Grant, Stevens, Pope, Swift, Kandiyohi, and Chippewa Counties; and West Otter Tail SWCD, Douglas SWCD, Grant SWCD, Stevens SWCD, Pope SWCD, Swift SWCD, Kandiyohi SWCD, and Chippewa SWCD.

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